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Meet Anna, Chance, and Liberty the dog! They need your help discovering the past and capturing an art thief!

Meet five people living in Dutch New-York and hear more about their daily life. You’ll practice your history detective skills and test your knowledge afterwards in this game you can play on your own or with your class at school.

Meet five people living in Dutch New-York and hear their stories. Listen carefully! See how much you’ve remembered with our quiz questions.

Use your history detective skills to find Sloppy Copy’s mistakes. Collect enough jello and see if your aim is true!

Find out what happens when Liberty the dog jumps into Uncle Pete's time machine and Anna has to go after him—with her skateboard—to chase after clues on streets of New York in 1660.


The Kids’ Clubhouse is an on-line interactive space that lets you be the History Detective! If you like being actively involved with history, make sure to visit the DiMenna Children’s History Museum and take part in one of our many family programs.
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Creative: Tronvig Group