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Bring the New-York Historical Society into your classroom with one of our innovative outreach programs and make history come alive for your students! Our inquiry-based programs are designed to  inspire your students’ enthusiasm for learning about the past, and to support their literacy, observation, and critical thinking skills in a fun and engaging way.

All workshops align with the new Social Studies Scope and Sequence and the Common Core Standards for History and Literacy.

Social Studies Enrichment

  • Dig deeper into history with Social Studies Enrichment. A Museum Educator visits your classroom nine times over the course of this series, enlivening key moments in New York and American history through the use of artifacts, images, and documents from the museum’s incredible collections.

Art of History

  • Investigate history with a pencil and paint brush! The Art of History is a unique and exciting interdisciplinary classroom-based program combining social studies content with visual arts learning. Our Teaching Artist will synthesize American history, art history, and the visual arts in this five-session mini-residency right in your classroom.
  • Programs align with the Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in Visual Arts

History on Broadway! (Middle School Only)

  • History on Broadway! a five session residency in your classroom,  uses songs and clips from musicals to promote students’ interest in and deepen their understanding of American history. Working with a talented History Educator, students unpack primary documents to corroborate or question the version of events presented in these shows, learning to use historical evidence and theatrical elements to examine and express opposing points of view from important debates in history.

 Outreach logistics at a glance:

  • Every series begins with a planning session, during which the Educator or Teaching Artist introduces participating teachers to the content for the year and works with them to determine the schedule of dates for each session. During this time, teachers are encouraged to share information about their curriculum and students’ needs with the Educator, and indicate what technology is available in the classroom.
  • The five sessions for the Art of History and History on Broadway! series can be scheduled during the same week, several times a week, or over the course of five weeks, depending on the school’s preference.
  • Each session should be an hour long, if possible.
  • Each program costs $120 per session per class for schools within the five boroughs of NYC, and $150 per session per class for schools outside the city limits. Additional transportation costs may be associated with schools located far from public transportation. All materials required for the programs are included in the cost.
  • Each NYC school must book at least two classes, and schools outside NYC must book at least three classes

For more detailed information on program topics by grade level, click below.

Grades K-2 | Grades 3-5 | Grades 6-8 | Grades 9-12 

To book programs in your classroom, please email or  call 212-485-9293

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