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Institute for Constitutional History


The Institute for Constitutional History currently offers a variety of programs that enhance the teaching of Constitutional Studies and encourage scholars to increase their involvement in the field:

  • Intensive, multi-disciplinary Summer Research Seminars in constitutional studies for graduate students and junior faculty. Seminars, run by outstanding academics such as Professors Akhil Reed Amar, Mary Sarah Bilder, Gerhard Casper, Paul Finkelman, Risa Goluboff, David Hollinger, Dennis Hutchinson, Vicki Jackson, Linda Kerber, Richard Kohn, Larry Kramer, Martin Lederman, William Leuchtenburg, Michael McConnell, Charles McCurdy, Mark Noll, Richard Pious, David Rabban, Jack Rakove, Harry Scheiber, Aviam Soifer, Mark Tushnet, William Wiecek, and Gordon Wood, range from “The Founding Era” to “Topics in 20th Century American Constitutional History." Recent summer research seminars have been co-sponsored by the Stanford Law School Constitutional Law Center. For a complete list of seminars, see the Past Events page.
  • Short-term Graduate Seminars in constitutional studies, held in New York or Washington, D.C., conducted by visiting scholars and devoted to specialized topics such as “Union, Race, and Nation” (led by Professors Peter Onuf and Annette Gordon-Reed) and “Lincoln and the Constitution” (taught by Akhil Reed Amar and James Oakes). For a full list of seminars given, see the Past Events page.
  • Interdisciplinary Summer Workshops for College Instructors who teach (or would like to teach) undergraduate courses on the Constitution. Our first workshop took place at the University of Albany (State University of New York) in July, 2007, and was led by Sandra Van Burkleo. The topic was "New Approaches to Teaching the Constitution." For a complete list of workshops, see the “Past Events” page.
  • Symposia and Research Colloquia in the New York and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas that bring together faculty and students from a wide range of disciplines to discuss their work in Constitutional Studies. 
  • Doctoral-level Concentration in Constitutional Studies—a unique cooperative venture in which several Washington area universities, part of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan area, share faculty and student resources to support a Ph.D. concentration in Constitutional Studies.

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