Skin Deep

Strauss Media
February 10, 2017
Captain James Cook, a Brit, brought the name back from the South Pacific. They have marked the skins of tribesmen, princes, socialites, sailors and sideshow attractions at the circus. The city banned them in 1961, after a hepatitis B outbreak, but the craft migrated underground to apartments and back rooms, and above ground to art galleries and museums. The ban was repealed in 1997, and now skin art has gone mainstream. “New York is the birthplace of modern tattooing. The tattoo machine was developed here,” Cristian Petru Panaite, the curator, said at a preview of Tattooed New York, a presentation of some 250 items illustrating more than 300 years of tattoo history. The turn-of-the-century machine, based on Thomas Edison’s electric pen, “revolutionized the craft. It made it cheaper and opened it to the community.” Read more…
Creative: Tronvig Group