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Reserve a 60-minute private Guided Tour with one of our curator-trained docents. Our docent-led tours are un-scripted and unique—each tour is a new experience!

Exclusive before- and after-hours tours, group space rentals, and catered meals are available upon request. Looking for something in particular? Let us know how we can customize your visit!

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Special Exhibition Tours We Offer

Tour: Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art
September 29, 2017 – January 21, 2018

While Europe was experiencing unimaginable horrors, artist Arthur Syzk expressed his opposition through forceful depictions caricaturing Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito as the evil architects of their regimes' destructive and inhumane policies. On this docent-led tour, learn about the Polish-born forgotten artist, and see 40 politically incisive works that underscore Szyk’s role as a one-man “activist-in-art” who advocated for civil and human rights.

Tour: The Vietnam War
October 18, 2017 - April 22, 2018

On this docent-led tour, journey through one of most controversial conflicts in recent American history: the Vietnam War. Explore the war from multiple viewpoints including the military campaigns initiated by both sides, the growth of the antiwar movement, the role of the president, and the loss of political consensus. See compelling objects like a troopship berthing unit, vibrant antiwar posters, artwork by Vietnam vets, a Viet Cong bicycle, the Pentagon Papers, and news and film clippings.

Tour: Holiday Express: Toys and Trains from the Jerni Collection
October 27, 2017 - February 25, 2018

Immerse yourself in an enchanting holiday wonderland at our sweeping display of spectacular antique toy trains, toys, and scenic elements from the renowned Jerni Collection. On this tour, discover a magical 360-degree mountain landscape with a circa 1890s town and, of course, see the trains themselves, including those made by leading manufacturers that set the standard for the Golden Age of Toy Trains, like the German firms of Märklin and Bing, as well as the American firms Lionel and Ives. Among other topics, learn about the history of trains, including the aerodynamic Märklin’s Schienenzeppelin, or rail-zeppelin, which is modeled after an actual locomotive that emerged in Germany in the years following World War I as a way to find civilian uses for military surplus. History tidbits abound on our docent-led tour!

Tour: Hotbed
November 3, 2017 – March 25, 2018

At the turn of the 20th-century, Greenwich Village was a “hotbed” of social and artistic activism, rooted in the fight for women’s rights and suffrage. On this docent-led tour, explore a dynamic combination of photographs, illustrations, and short films, largely produced by under-recognized women artists. Hear the untold stories of this energetic and proactive bohemian scene, led by African Americans, immigrant activists, and women of the working-class. This is a behind-the-scenes tour you don't want to miss!


Permanent Exhibition Tours We Offer

Tour: Collector's Choice: Highlights from the Permanent Collection

For more than 200 years, the New-York Historical Society has been preserving and exhibiting artwork. Dive into the stories of many illustrious artworks on our docent-led gallery tour. Learn about some of the most renowned works in our collection, ranging in date from the 14th through the 21st centuries, including Thomas Cole's iconic "Course of Empire" series and Charles Willson Peale's Peale Family Portrait. Plus, marvel at Picasso’s magnificent Le Tricorne ballet curtain, the largest piece on view in the United States by the Spanish artist.

Tour: Highlights from the Permanent Collection

Explore our world-renowned permanent collection on our one-of-a-kind highlights tour. Our specially trained guides lead you through the Smith Gallery, showcasing New York’s central role in the creation of the United States. The tour continues on the second floor where a selection of our more than 40,000 historic objects tells the story of Gotham, from its early days as a Dutch colony to the cosmopolitan metropolis of today.

Tour: Women of the Collection: The Fight for Equality in America

Despite enormous obstacles, women across the spectrum of race and class exercised power and effected change even before they could access the ballot box. Discover the untold stories of women whose contributions to American culture, politics, and society altered the course of history.

Tour: Lamps of Tiffany Studios: Style, Beauty, and Design

Experience our collection of Tiffany lamps—one of the world’s largest and most encyclopedic—in a dazzling new two-story gallery. See more than 100 examples of this elegant American art form and hear the personal stories of head designer Clara Driscoll and her team in the Glassmaking Department known as the “Tiffany Girls,” whose contributions were nearly lost to history.

Tour: Made in New York: Selections from the Permanent Collection

New York’s unique entrepreneurial spirit has inspired objects that stand alone in design and functionality. Hear the dynamic stories of American history as told through extraordinary and everyday objects from our collection. Discover what makes New York the capital of creativity!

Tour: Curiosities of the Collection

The forgotten, often perplexing histories of the United States can be told through artifacts left behind. Since 1804, the New-York Historical Society has been preserving and exhibiting objects that tell captivating stories. History uncovered on this tour will include the 19th-century fascination with phrenology, or skull-reading; the lost art of cigar ribbon manufacturing; and the 1863 draft lottery that sparked the deadliest civil disturbance in our nation’s history.

Tour: New York, 1600–Present: Design Your Own Tour

How can the past inform our present? Discover the New York of yesterday and today through artifacts and works of art from our collection, excavated from city streets and donated by illustrious New Yorkers. Select the century in New York history that most interests you and we’ll tailor a tour to fit!

1600–1700: Before the city was New York, it was New Amsterdam—a remote New World trading outpost in a global Dutch empire. After coming under British rule in 1664, New York retained its diverse, multilingual population and entrepreneurial spirit, remaining a city that existed first and foremost as a financial and trading center.

1700–1800: Under British occupation from 1776 to 1783, New York—a hotbed of contention between Patriots and Loyalists—felt the effects of nearby battles. After the Revolution, New Yorkers witnessed Washington’s inauguration and the city became the first U.S. capital. During this period, one in five New Yorkers lived in bondage.

1800–1900: Fueled by immigration and innovations like the Erie Canal and Brooklyn Bridge, New York grew from a port city concentrated in lower Manhattan to a unified metropolis. During and after the Civil War, New York politics became increasingly contentious. As the 19th century came to a close, the Progressive Movement emerged in response to the excesses of Tammany Hall and the Gilded Age.

1900–2000: During the tumult of the 20th century’s traumatic world wars, ordinary New Yorkers contributed to the war effort. Following World War II, New York emerged on the international stage as a global capital with a unique identity, and its landmarks became recognizable worldwide as New York culture was captured in song, on stage, and on film.

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