Safe/Haven Update

Due to a private event, the exhibition Safe/Haven will be closed to visitors from 2–5 pm on Friday, May 14.

Staff Directory

  • President and Chief Executive Officer: Louise Mirrer
  • Executive Vice President & General Counsel: Freddy Taveras
  • Vice President and Museum Director: Margi Hofer
  • Vice President and Sue Ann Weinberg Director of the Patricia D. Klingenstein Library: Michael Ryan
  • Senior Vice President, Chief Historian and Director, Center for Women's History: Valerie Paley
  • Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Visitor Experience: Ines Aslan
  • Vice President for Development: Matthew Bregman
  • Vice President of Education: Mia Nagawiecki
  • Vice President of Education Emerita: Sharon Dunn
  • Vice President for History Exhibitions: Marci Reaven
  • Vice President for Human Resources: Frank DiMaiolo
  • Vice President for Operations & Capital Projects: Yashiris Moreta
  • Vice President of Public Programs: Dale Gregory
  • Vice President for Security: Bill Montgomery
  • Vice President & Director of the DiMenna Children's History Museum: Alice Stevenson
  • Chief Financial Officer: Richard Shein
  • Controller: Arlene Barnard
  • Senior Director, Resources and Programs & Library Director Emerita: Jean W. Ashton
  • Senior Art Historian & Museum Director Emerita: Linda S. Ferber
  • Deputy Museum Director: Emily Croll
  • Art Director: Kira Hwang
  • Creative Director & Director of Exhibitions: Gerhard Schlanzky
  • Director of Audio & Visual Technology: Luke Johnson
  • Director of Individual Giving: Jeanne Thompson
  • Director of Information Technology: Armando Lopez
  • Director of Institutional Giving: Barbara Perlov
  • Director of Library Operations: Nina Nazionale
  • Director of Merchandise Operations: Ione Saroyan
  • Director of Special Events: Karen Roshevsky
  • Director of the Library Digital Program and Institutional Digital Repository: Henry Raine
  • Director of Visitor Services: Nick Mancini
Creative: Tronvig Group